Our Process

Step One

Meet With Your Social Media Manager

The first and perhaps most important element in your social media management is to meet with your social media manager. This first meeting will help enhance your overall results. The individual will run your social media page, advertisements, designs, and more. The goal of the meeting is to learn your business, develop your advertising strategy, and then put it into action.

Step Two

Develop your Social Media Strategy

At Trending Media, we work to develop a clear and concise social media strategy for your business. This second process includes sustained strategies to show you how we plan on enhancing your social media presence, gain traffic to your website, phone calls to your business, and more!

Step Three

Create Engaging Posts and Advertisements

Trending Media creates ads that people actually want to engage with. We write your copy and develop images for your social media channels and campaigns.

Step Four

Monitor Your Page

As a business owner, you have many areas that should concern you. Therefore, we believe in making your social media our burden and not yours. We keep a careful eye on your social channels, schedule and design your posts, and respond to customers, when needed.

Step Five

Monthly Reporting

We want our customers to know how their paid advertisements are performing. Each month, your social media manager will prepare a monthly reporting for you to review. Additionally, we make recommendations on how you can grow and stay relevant.

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