The Importance of a Social Media Strategist

social media strategist

One of the biggest hurdles a business faces is how to build a business without a social media strategist. Without one, you may catch yourself just posting to post, which leads to seeing no return from social media marketing. Our team at Trending Media can help with this and more!

Here are six reasons why you need a social media strategist for your business.


A first reason you need a social media strategist is because it will help you create a strong, organic presence online. If you use a social media company, like Trending Media, you’ll be able to have your posts planned out in advance and get them scheduled and set. Bottom line: this creates posting consistently. One of the biggest failures in social media management is not positing consistently.


The second benefit to hiring a social media strategist is it saves time and money for your business. On average, employees spend about ten hour per week (or twenty hour per pay period) just managing their company’s social media. By hiring an outside firm, your company can reduce the time spent posting each day and hand it off to an outside group. Gone will be the days of staring at a blank screen scrambling to figure out what to post. Instead, you will be able to focus on what matters – your business and your other duties.


By hiring a social media strategist, you’ll have the added luxury of having certain goals met. Want to grow your clientele? Want to see people click on ads you have made? Hire a social media company. Not only will they show you analytics each month to measure your goals, they can suggest new ones so your social media efforts are always new and exciting. This will also help to justify paying an outside firm to do the work for you.


You know who your audience is but you’re not sure how to reach them, especially through social media. Part of a good strategy involved reaching the right people and at the appropriate times. Using open ended questions, demographics in your boosted posts, etc. are perfect ways to make sure your audience is being reached best.


A big complaint among many social media users is they only see what a business does. Have fun with your customers and post creative content, too. As an example, maybe you can post about fun events you’re sponsoring in your community. This type of post gets your company name out there but also highlights the exciting things you are doing as well. Also, consider posting about awareness months, team member birthdays and spotlights, etc. These types of posts will resonate with your customers and create a higher engagement rate, too.


Finally, simply hiring an expert will give you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. You can look at your competition’s social media channels and see what they are doing that works and also see what isn’t. A good social media firm will also do this for you to ensure you stand out from everyone else. By combining much of what you read above, you can feel confident in knowing you are being taken care of and not taken advantage of.

There’s no need to stress about social media management for your business. Hire a firm today. Our goal at Trending Media is to make your burden our responsibility. Most of our clients admit they “don’t even know where to begin,” and that’s okay, too. Let us do the work for you. Our prices are competitive so we can work with businesses of all sizes. Call us today at (478) 919-9889 to get started.

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