Bryant Engineering

Trending Media has handled our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn) since 2018. One of the things that separates Trending Media from other companies is their ability to give their clients the time and attention they deserve. We highly recommend their services to those looking to reach a larger audience in an engaging way.

Chad Bryant

Bodega Brew

Each week, Trending Media meets with me to discuss our specials to ensure our customers stay engaged with us. These items of interest are highlighted on our Instagram and Facebook pages. I appreciate the fact Trending Media keeps in contact with us and suggests new ways to reach customers.

Jodi Daley

McLeod Surveying

If I’m honest, I don’t have a personal social media account. My wife, however, does, and she told me we needed to find a way to get our business out there in a larger capacity. We hired Trending Media and have been very impressed with their services. I never have to worry about missed customer opportunities. Trending Media handles everything for me.

Marty McLeod

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