Which Social Media Accounts Are the Right Ones for My Business?

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Our goal at Trending Media is to make your burden our responsibility. We want you to make the best investment for your business when it comes to your digital marketing needs. The following statistics and overview of each will help in your decision on the perfect social media accounts.

If you are having trouble deciding on which social media account is the right one for your business, we are here to help with that effort so you can worry about other things. Social media management can be an overwhelming task and we offer the tools you need! 

We offer creation, design, and management for the following social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  

One of the first things to decide when picking the right social media channel is figuring out if you are a business to business or a business to consumer. Once that is decided, it’s time to decide the best platform(s) for your company. 

FACEBOOK – 2.7 billion active monthly users
Largest pool of active users

  • Best use: B2C and sometimes B2B
  • Target: 25-55+, both men and women
  • Bottom line: Every business needs a Facebook presence as most potential customers look at inactive profiles as a sign your business isn’t active either. 

INSTAGRAM – 1.1 billion active monthly users
For visual businesses 

  • Best use: B2C 
  • Target: 18-35, mostly women, but quickly shifting 
  • Bottom line: Instagram is most popular with Millennial women and perfect for visual businesses. 

LINKEDIN – 250 million active monthly users
LinkedIn has two times the buying power versus other social media accounts

  • Best use: B2B and B2C for employment
  • Target: 25-45+, both men and women
  • Bottom line: LinkedIn is the perfect choice for businesses hoping to grow their employee roster and reach out to other businesses with similar needs.

TWITTER – 330 million active monthly users
Flex your creativity and engage with customers in real-time

  • Best use: B2C and sometimes B2B
  • Target: 18-29+, both men and women
  • Bottom line: Twitter (like all social media) is quickly becoming the go-to for all business information.

Our team at Trending Media understands the struggle many businesses face when trying to decide on the right social media platform. That’s why we offer consultation, so you don’t waste your time, money, and efforts with the wrong one(s). We care about your business and its success just as much as you do.  Trending Media is your one-stop social shop and we want to help you grow your business through our digital marketing services.

Call us today at (478) 919-9889.

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