5 Ways to Pick the Best Digital Marketing Account for Your Business

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It is estimated that nearly 80% of Americans use the internet daily. Unlike most numbers and figures, this is one that continues to grow each year. This is exactly why we believe at Trending Media that digital marketing reigns supreme. Deciding on a digital marketing account is a tough one, but we are here to help. 

Here are 5 ways to pick the best digital marketing account for your business. 


Your target market is the first place to begin your digital account selection(s). As an example, Facebook has a larger, more diverse reach. Instagram, meanwhile, is a great platform if your target market is focused on Millennial customers. Deciding on the right platform can also determine your budget, too. Some social media platforms will allow you to use a specific demographic to reach your audience. Typically, this comes with a small fee added


Often, the biggest hurdle businesses face is having a clear objective for their digital marketing. Of course, it’s vital to have a website and social media accounts, but a plan is a must help your cause. If you are a retail shop and want to boost sales, offering discounts to your digital marketing customers is a great way to get customers in the door. If you are looking for a way to retain customers, keeping your social media accounts active and relevant is vital. Don’t let customers forget you are open, and, yes, even what you are doing outside the workday.  The most important element in choosing the right objectives is to not just pick every social media platform but to choose the right one for you and your business. Do your research and talk to a professional when needed. 


When surveyed, most professionals admitted they don’t have the time to dedicate the attention needed to manage a social media account. Some companies hire a marketing manager. However, most find focusing on digital marketing can become overwhelming and a full-time job itself. Most social platforms require, at least, ten hours each week to be fully effective for your business. For these very reasons, we recommend hiring an outside firm to handle your digital marketing needs. We will explain more of that in a moment, however. 


When creating your ad campaigns for your business on social media, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. While reaching customers on social media may seem like the only solution, it’s not. There is a learning curve that goes into it. The biggest mistake often made by business owners is spending too much on their digital marketing. Never commit to a budget your business can’t afford.


As mentioned before, there is a lot of learning that comes to effectively produce a digital marketing presence for your business. While it may seem ‘wise’ to hire a marketing manager full-time, your additional fees for your digital marketing will only add to your costs. An average marketing manager makes $70,000 annually, and the average spent on marketing is between 9-12% of the total annual budget for a business. For these very reasons, it’s always a smart idea to consider hiring an outside group or firm to help with your digital marketing strategy. 

Trending Media believes that if you keep these 5 items in the back of your mind as you decide your digital efforts, you will be successful in your efforts. Yes, while deciding on digital marketing accounts can open up incredible doors for your business, action must be taken to keep a watchful eye on those channels. 

Trending Media is your one-stop social shop. We can help you reach new customers and retain your current ones.

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